SpaceX destroyed Falcon 9 and successfully tested the rescue capsule

The company SpaceX conducted a test capsule with passengers in the event of the launch vehicle accident Falcon 9. The capsule can be equipped with nine boosters SuperDraco, which culls the module in the event of threatening the lives of people problems. Engines are then used to divert the capsule from a distressed rocket, after the parachute system is activated.

Earlier, SpaceX conducted ground tests of the rescue system, this time the company Elon Musk and NASA wanted to observe the process in conditions close to reality. To do this, SpaceX launched the Falcon 9 “second-hand” rocket (it was sent to space three times before).

During the test flight, conditions were created that simulated engine failure and failure, after which the capsule with mannequins detached and successfully splashed down. During the tests, the peak acceleration was 3.5 g. The booster rocket exploded about 10 seconds after the module with passengers was separated from it.

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