SpaceX has successfully tested the Crew Dragon ship rescue system. And simultaneously blew up a rocket in the air

SpaceX has successfully tested the Crew Dragon ship rescue system. And simultaneously blew up a rocket in the air 

SpaceX successfully completed one of NASA’s most recent flight tests before launching the Crew Dragon manned flight. The company tested the ship’s emergency rescue system, in the process of exploding a Falcon 9 rocket.

The essence of the test was to find out whether the device can save the lives of astronauts in case of emergency during takeoff. After 84 seconds of flight, the capsule successfully detached and got into the water 32 kilometers from the coast after parachutes were opened. Inside were two dummies that collected data on overloads.

Due to the activation of the CAC, the Falcon 9 rocket exploded: after the separation of the bow, fuel ignited. However, SpaceX expected such an outcome, the company did not expect the rocket to return to Earth.

The emergency rescue system on the Crew Dragon is designed in the same way as other counterparts. Eight special SuperDraco engines are built into the ship’s hull, which turn on in case of an accident and take the capsule with the crew away from a collapsing rocket. After that, the ship opens four main parachutes and lands in the water.

The next major flight of the Crew Dragon will be a manned mission with people on board. The launch date is still unknown, but it is expected that the launch can be carried out in March.

The ship Crew Dragon developed by the program of commercial manned vehicles NASA. In addition to SpaceX, Boeing is participating in it with the Starliner, however, after the unsuccessful first flight of Starliner to the ISS, the team may need more time to coordinate the manned missions.

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