SpaceX will use Crew Dragon for space tourism

SpaceX has entered into an agreement with Space Adventures, which organizes space flights for individuals. On such missions, it is planned to use the ship Crew Dragon, which approximately in May will make the first flight with people on board – these will be NASA astronauts.

Space Adventures notes that the project is entirely American – this is in contrast to the previous flights of tourists, when “Unions” were used as a rocket and ship. SpaceX has long considered space tourism as one of the areas for development: for example, back in 2017, the company announced the purchase of two “tours” with a flyby of the moon on Crew Dragon. One of them is Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maesawa. The name of the second tourist was not disclosed.

Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin are also working on space tourism ships, but SpaceX has a more “honest” flight: competitors offer short-term voyages with zero gravity for only a few minutes and then return to Earth. And SpaceX will provide a flight to the International Space Station (or even to the Moon) – just like real astronauts.

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