Spirited Away and other Ghibli films will first appear in the streaming service – HBO Max bought the rights

Before that, they were not in online cinemas.

HBO Max announced the purchase of exclusive rights to the catalog of the Japanese animation studio Ghibli, co-founded by director Hayao Miyazaki. The service will be the only one in the USA where the pictures will be available for streaming.

At the launch of an online movie theater from WarnerMedia in the spring of 2020, 20 films will appear in it, including My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke. In the fall, another Miyazaki’s work, “The Wind Gains Strength,” will join the list.

HBO Max was the first such service in the world to receive rights to Ghibli tapes for display by subscription. Prior to this, films could be purchased on physical media, and some of them in digital format.

At the same time, all the pictures of the Japanese studio in the USA were previously released by Disney, but apparently they will not be in their own online cinema company . Whether Ghibli films appear in the streaming services of other countries is not known.

Full list of Studio Ghibli movies in HBO Max

  • “Nausicaa from the Valley of the Winds”
  • “Sky Castle of Laputa”
  • “My Neighbor Totoro”
  • “Witch’s Delivery Service”
  • “Just yesterday”
  • Porco Rosso
  • “The ocean is heard here”
  • Pompoco: Tanuki War
  • “Whisper of the Heart”
  • “Princess Mononoke”
  • “My neighbors Yamada”
  • Spirited Away
  • “The Return of the Cat”
  • “Haul’s walking castle”
  • “Tales of the Earthsea”
  • “Ponyo’s fish on a cliff”
  • “Arietti from the country of the midgets”
  • “From the slopes of Kokuriko”
  • “The wind is getting stronger”
  • “Tales of Princess Kaguya”
  • “Memories of Marnie”

HBO Max will include not only the entire content of the HBO cable network, but also films and TV shows from many other channels and studios – including Warner Bros., New Line, DC Entertainment, The CW and Cartoon Network.

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