Spotify announced its official launch in Russia on July 15. Subscription cost – 169 rubles per month

Applications and the site are open for Russian users right now – the company explained this by testing.

Updated (20:00): Spotify announced the official launch in Russia from July 15. Representatives of the company told  about this. Everything that users found earlier turned out to be true: a standard Premium subscription costs 169 rubles a month, a student one – 85 rubles a month, and a family one for six accounts – 269 rubles a month. New users are offered a three month trial subscription. The service is available in the free version, but with limitations.

For Russian users created more than 100 playlists with different genres, themes and artists. It will also integrate the service with Instagram, Discord, Xbox, Android TV and other platforms. In addition to Russia, from July 15, Spotify is launched in 12 more countries – Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia and Northern Macedonia.

The early launch of the site and the application (they became available in Russia on July 14) were explained by Spotify representatives by testing. At the launch stage, there will be no podcast section in Russia. Spotify representatives commented on this: “Although there will be no podcasts in Russia at the launch stage, this is a very important area for us, and we will certainly introduce podcasts to Russian users when we are ready for this.”

Social network users from Russia reported that the Spotify music streaming service has become available for download on the AppStore and Google Play. The service was not officially announced in Russia, but the media called it the launch date of July 15.

According to users, they were able to download the application, open it and listen to the tracks in the “free” mode. According to the informal community of Spotify Community, residents of Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan also got access to the applications, but it is not yet possible to pay for a Premium subscription.

Earlier, when opening the Spotify website in Russia, a stub appeared about the unavailability of the service in the country. July 14, she disappeared – earned a web version in Russian.

However, users have spotted Russian prices on Spotify. A standard Premium subscription will cost 169 rubles a month, a “family” account for six people will cost 269 rubles, and a Premium Duo for partners will cost 219 rubles. The trial period of subscriptions is three months.

In addition, Spotify Community subscribers found the official Russian-language playlists created by the service team. Among them: “ Hip-Hop Cannon ”, “ Russian Nineties ” and “ Hits of Russian Rap ”.

July 14 Spotify Spotify added legal rules for Russia – they will come into force on July 15. According to these rules, in Russia the service will obey the laws of Sweden, but it will store and process user data in data centers in Russia.

Spotify has a complicated story in Russia – the launch has been repeatedly delayed for various reasons. Initially, it was supposed to take place in 2014, then the start was postponed to 2015, but then all work on launching in the Russian Federation was turned off. Since 2018, Russian-speaking users have been waiting for the end of the second attempt by Spotify to officially appear in Russia – the media have repeatedly talked about the imminent release on the local market, but it constantly broke down.

Gradually, the “endless” expectations of Spotify launching in Russia turned into a meme.


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