Square Enix announced that it will not release a remake of Final Fantasy VII in “figure” before April 10

The company assured that this could lead to further logistics problems.

At the end of March, there were messages on the network from users who wrote that they had already received disks with a remake of Final Fantasy VII, although the release should take place only on April 10.

Soon, Square Enix confirmed that it decided to start deliveries ahead of time in connection with the pandemic. This mainly affected retailers in Europe and Australia, and in the US deliveries began in early April.

On April 4, the company commented on a possible early release of the game in the “digital” format. According to Square Enix, the release date for the game on the PS Store will remain the same.

The publisher assured that changing the release date at this stage could lead to other problems with logistics and delay the global launch of the remake.

Square Enix also clarified that for most regions, physical copies of the game will only be available on April 10th. This is also true for Russia – before April 10, a remake in the country should not be expected.


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