Square Enix has confirmed that it sent copies of the Final Fantasy VII remake to stores ahead of time

The developers asked the players to refrain from spoilers.

At the end of March, netizens began to report that they had received disks with Final Fantasy VII, although the release should take place only on April 10. Just a few days later, the developers confirmed on the official twitter of the game that they decided ahead of time to start deliveries due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Square Enix said that physical copies had already been sent to retailers in Europe and Australia – so customers can get them before the official release of FF VII. Shipments to other regions of the world, including America, will start in early April – this almost guarantees that delays that were previously warned in the company can be avoided.

The creators of the remake also asked everyone who got Final Fantasy VII before the release to not spoil the game online.

We would like to ask everyone a favor.

If the game falls into your hands ahead of time, please think about other players and do not spoil their pleasure. We understand that spoilers have been on the network for more than 20 years – after all, the original Final Fantasy VII was released in 1997.

But a remake is a new game that has a lot of surprises for everyone. Every fan and every player deserves to experience this game on their own – and we ask that a community of fans around the world help us with this.

from the appeal of the developers of the remake of Final Fantasy VII

The developers emphasized that it is very important for them that everyone can play RPG at the start – even residents of countries that are most affected by the epidemic. Therefore, the option of transferring the release date to Square Enix was not considered.


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