Square Enix has warned about possible delays in disk versions of the Final Fantasy VII remake

The developers are not going to postpone the release date – they plan to release the game on April 10.

As Square Enix explained , the possible delays in the disk versions of the Final Fantasy VII remake are due to difficulties in the supply and retail sales of games in different countries due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The publisher monitors the situation in Europe and North America and promised, if necessary, to clarify the details of the physical release of Final Fantasy VII on Friday, March 20.

The world release of the remake of Final Fantasy VII is still scheduled for April 10th. However, given the unpredictable changes in supply and sales in retail, the situation with which is different in many countries, it is very likely that some of you will not receive a copy of the game on the day it is released.

from Square Enix statement

Apparently, Square Enix decided to comment on the release of the Final Fantasy VII remake after some players who pre-ordered physical copies through Amazon received messages on the release date change on March 18.

Later, Amazon and Square Enix themselves stressed that the remake of Final Fantasy VII will be released on the planned date – April 10.


Some of our customers may have received a message stating that the release date for Final Fantasy VII Remake has changed. The release date has remained the same – the game will appear on April 10, 2020.

The day before, Jason Schreyer, editor of Kotaku, also stated that Covid-19 was in danger of postponing games with a release date after April 2020 – according to the journalist, this is due to both the logistics and difficulties in producing discs and cartridges, and with the development of games complicated in the context of a pandemic and the issue of an age rating for them.

The first part of the Final Fantasy VII remake will be released in April on the PS4, and a year later on the PC.


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