Square Enix launches teaser site for Final Fantasy XVI with first details on the game ‘s world and characters

According to Final Fantasy XVI producer Naoki Yoshida, the developers will stick to the plan and reveal more about the game in 2021, while in the meantime they can give players hints about what to expect from the world and the main characters.

Events Final Fantasy XVI takes place in the world, napolennom mountains with crystals around which the construction of many settlements. People have flocked to them for years to use the ether for their magic.

A difficult peace reigned between these mountains for a long time, but now it is threatened by the rapid spread of corruption.

The so-called Eikons are the most powerful and dangerous creatures in the world of Final Fantasy XVI, living inside a person who can summon them. In some regions, such people are considered noble, while in others they are feared and used as weapons in war. One way or another, they have to come to terms.

There are six main regions in the world of Final Fantasy XVI.

Clive Rosefield is the protagonist of Final Fantasy XVI. His parents believed that it was in him that the power of the Phoenix would awaken, but fate chose his younger brother Joshua. Rosefield himself excelled in training and became the first shield of his kingdom after 15 years. However, Clive’s career came to an end after a tragedy that put him on the path of revenge.

Clive Rosefield, Joshua Rosefield and Jill Varrick

Clive Rosefield, Joshua Rosefield and Jill Varrick

For a long time, Jill Varrick grew up with Clive and Joshua. She was taken from another fallen kingdom to ensure peace between the two howling nations. Over time, she became a full-fledged part of the Rosefield family, and brothers Clive and Joshua completely trust her.

The rest of the details of the plot and characters Square Enix are still kept secret, including details of what filth threatens the world.

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