Startup of the Year? The ransomware ransomware earned $ 25 million in 5 months

McAfee paid close attention to the NetWalker ransomware, whose operators have earned $ 25 million in extortion over the past five months. Cybercriminals turned out to be almost “Robin Hoods”: some time ago they assured that they would not attack medical institutions during a pandemic.

McAfee specialists tracked payments to cryptocurrency wallets of NetWalker operators (the ransomware-as-a-service ransomware model) from March 1 to July 27 this year. Since then, 2,795 bitcoins have been received for them, which is $ 25 million (taking into account the exchange rate at the time of transfer of funds).

The ransomware ransomware is gradually being modernized, becoming more and more automated – this helps the developers of the “service” to promote it even more actively.

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