Streamer and ex-esportsman Byron “Reckful” Bernstein committed suicide

He was 31 years old.

One of the first about Bernstin’s suicide was told by his ex-girlfriend, a developer and cosplayer with the nickname Blue, on her twitter. At first, she did not specify who was being discussed, but later said that the streamer had died.


Byron, I would so like to help you. Like all of us. Sorry I couldn’t. Thank you for being in my life. I will always love you.
Friends of Reckful, actor Andy Milonakis and streamer NymN, also confirmed the suicide of the former cybersportsman.

My heart is broken. I am still in shock, and I was afraid that this day would come. Rest in peace, Byron, I love you.

Three hours before it became known about his death, Reckful tweeted a few posts. At first he made an offer to his ex-girlfriend, who, in his own words, had not seen for six months. And soon after that he tried to apologize to “everyone who endured his madness” – Bernstin was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.


Oh, I am very ashamed of everyone who had to endure my madness.

Please, just remember that in such situations a person does not control his own actions in himself.

Reckful gained popularity as a professional in World of Warcraft: in 2010, he won the MMORPG championship, and for several years he was among the top players. Bernsteen was considered one of the most successful streamers, and in 2018 he went into game development – his online game Everland is due out in 2020.

Streamer has repeatedly said that in addition to bipolar disorder, he suffers from depression. He fought her from a youth when his older brother committed suicide.
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