Student Designer Invents iPad Multitasking Again

A designer named Rutherling showed the concept of multitasking on the iPad. He believes that Apple should display the Home screen in Split View mode. In this case, the tablet display is divided into two virtual desktops.

Another advantage of this solution will be the ability to run any application in Split View, and not just from the Dock.

In any case, this is just a concept and there is no guarantee that such multitasking will appear on the iPadOS.

iPadOS multitasking concept

– tommy (@Rutherling) February 24, 2020

Concept shows off how Apple could enhance the multitasking experience on iPad – 9to5MacApple tries to improve iPad? S multitasking capabilities every year, making the system more powerful to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. But this has has raised questions about the usability of multitasking on the iPad, which has become increasingly complicated for some users. Features like Split View and Slide Over first appeared on iPad with iOS 9,?

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