Stumbled upon an iOS 11 features that blew up a brain

At the weekend, I deleted all the nonsense from the iPhone, the rest was moved to folders on the desktop.

Quite by chance I found one little thing that accelerates the transfer of icons by 10 times . For a moment, it seemed like a bug – can’t Apple do something really useful in iOS?

But no, everything works. The post is dedicated to everyone who loves order on the iPhone. As I understand it, relevant only for iOS 11.

1. On the iPhone’s desktop, touch the icon of any application, wait 1 second.

2. The icon drag and drop mode is activated. Release your finger.

3. Again we touch and do not release the icon that we want to transfer to the finished folder.

4. Slightly move this icon so that it slightly unhooks from its place.

5. Still hold the icon, and with the second hand we click on all applications that we want to see in one folder.

You will notice that applications are typed in one deck . The number of icons collected is displayed by the number next to it. Now transfer this bunch of icons to any folder. Or from a folder, it’s also possible.

In words, it is more difficult than it really is. But useful. Previously, each icon had to be moved to a folder or from a folder one at a time , infuriated.

Now, in a minute, I shuffled three dozen applications in different folders and removed the excess from the desktop. More would be added in iOS 12.

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