Suicide fans of American streamer Etika immortalize him through pokestop at Pokémon Go

A virtual monument was “installed” in a Brooklyn location with graffiti dedicated to the blogger.

Etika Mural, Honoring Etika, Joycon Boyz Forever  Screenshot from Pokémon Go

Fans of the committing suicide streamer Etika (real name Desmond Amof) have made sure that Pokémon Go adds a blog post in honor of the blogger where the graffiti dedicated to him is located.

In June 2019, the 29-year-old YouTube blogger, streamer, and Nintendo gaming fan Desmond Amofa disappeared. When his body was discovered, it turned out that the streamer had committed suicide. Previously, he spoke out publicly about mental health problems, and a few days before the disappearance posted a video where he shared his suicidal thoughts.

Amofa fans, whom he called Joycon Boyz, by analogy with the Switch console controllers, decided to honor the blogger’s memory. They raised money for a 12-meter graffiti depicting the face of the deceased, which they painted on a wall in Brooklyn, a blogger’s hometown in New York. Fans of Amofa also donated 11 thousand dollars (about 700 thousand rubles) to a charity organization involved in the protection of mental health.

Graffiti has become a symbol of Amofa fans – fans from all over the world left comments on the location on Google Maps, claiming that they want to visit this place to honor the blogger.

I forgot to write, but a couple of days ago I was in New York and looked at the Etika mural. I recommend visiting if you are here

Twitter user Reversal, a friend of Amofa from the Pokémon Go community, has been trying since November to get pokéstop (a revolving store of bonuses and game equipment) on the graffiti location in Pokémon Go. Reversal lives in the Netherlands, so he asked New Yorkers to do this.

Can any of the players in Pokémon Go ask for a pokéstop at this place?

The developer of the game Niantic allows you to add new locations only to players with a maximum fortieth level. In February 2020, the request of Amofa fans was finally approved.

Guys! A mural with Etika appeared in Pokémon Go! I literally hold back my tears! Thanks @ REVERSALx7 ! He asked the community of players in New York to arrange this. I am so happy and grateful! Come and collect rewards

Before the location was approved, it was asked to add dozens of people to the game, presumably, Reversal told Vice. He noted that Amofa would have appreciated the gesture because he “loved Pokémon Go.” Reversal also stressed that fans of the blogger got a place where they can exchange in-game gifts.

Etika has garnered 1.3 million followers on YouTube through Nintendo gaming videos. In April 2019, he threatened to commit suicide on Twitter , after which he was arrested and sent to a hospital. After the death of the blogger, the channels on YouTube and Twitch were removed from the services.
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