Switch will start selling in China with one game, and payment through the WeChat messenger will work in eShop

After delays in regulators, Nintendo and Tencent finally announced that Switch will start selling in China on December 10th.

The hybrid console will cost 2099 Chinese yuan (approximately $ 297), and a trial version of New Super Mario Bros will be bundled with it. Deluxe is the only game for which permission to sell has been issued so far. Others will appear later.

The games themselves in Chinese eShop will cost 299 local yuan (approximately $ 42). This is in accordance with your local regional standard.

Nintendo and Tencent have confirmed that they are actively communicating with Chinese developers and other AAA studios to release more games on the platform for the local market. One of these will be the new Raving Rabbids in the style of Mario Party, which was announced back in July.

Tencent is responsible for the local Switch servers in China, and the eShop store will also support the WeChat Pay payment system – that is, through the messenger.

Although there was no mention of Switch Lite at the presentation, it is expected that this version of the console will be released in China in 2020.

As part of the presentation, a video was shown to reporters in which game designer Shigeru Miyamoto introduced himself on a tangerine and noted that Nintendo had long wanted to enter the Chinese market, and she was glad that Tencent helped in this.

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