System Shock 3 was left without a development team

The third part of the System Shock 3 action was in limbo: almost all the employees who worked on the game left the OtherSide Entertainment studio, and the rest did not quite understand what was happening and how they should proceed.

One of the developers of System Shock 3 said that the game was far from over, and there were also difficulties. The main one is the crisis of the publisher Starbreeze, which affected the financing of a number of projects. According to the developer, OtherSide Entertainment was able to offer innovative gameplay, but the game itself would have been much smaller in scale than the previous parts. And since the name System Shock needs to be matched, the creation of the action required serious finances. Although the company had its own funds, it was obviously not enough for a large project.

Earlier, Starbreeze publisher sold OtherSide Entertainment rights to System Shock, and the development studio intended to release the game on its own.

At the same time, the developer noted that he himself did not really understand the current state of System Shock 3. But he assured: the team working on the game left OtherSide Entertainment. Over the past five months, key employees left the company, then the rest began to leave.
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