10 iOS 14 Tips to Try Right After Updating

Apple's new mobile operating system is already available for download , all gadgets that support iOS 13 can be updated . The update is available on iPhone ...

How to back up emails and data from Gmail

Most users have more than just mail, calendars, and contacts in their Gmail account. Google servers are packed with our photos, email attachments, browser ...

I tried and found 28 more new iOS 14 features. Now that’s it.

Apple's new mobile operating system was revealed almost a month ago, and we keep finding new flavors in iOS 14 . First, we recommend that you familiarize ...

How to find out ambient noise using the Apple Watch

Human hearing is the ability of the body, the loss of which occurs imperceptibly. For a long time, we may not feel hearing impairment, and at one fine moment ...

How to store Mac backups on another Apple computer

The macOS operating system has an excellent Time Machine backup mechanism. Unfortunately, backup storage requires a lot of disk space. On a Mac with small ...

How to create a RAID array in macOS. Your super backup files and more

The volume of generated and transmitted data is growing every year. On a Mac, it’s becoming more and more difficult to find free space for files, and in ...

How to reflash iPhone and not break it

Here we deal with standard iPhone firmware methods, as well as flashing through Recovery Mode and DFU. Bookmark the instructions. It comes in handy to update ...

How to make a group video call to any device without registration and SMS

Over the past months, we are accustomed to increasingly communicate via video. Conferences often replace meeting with far-off relatives, meeting with ...

25 hidden iOS 14 new features

At the main summer WWDC presentation , Apple developers showed off a new mobile operating system for the iPhone and iPad. On the same day, the software ...

How to control the cursor in iPadOS using the keyboard

After the release of iPadOS 13.4 and iOS 13.4 in the Apple mobile operating system, a real cursor appeared for convenient control . To work, you need a ...

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