Techland terminated collaboration with Chris Avellone

The scriptwriter was accused of harassment, and he did not deny anything.

In a statement, the creators of Dying Light 2 repeated that they did not tolerate the behavior described by the girls who accused Avellone.

According to Techland, the decision was made with Chris Avellone, but the screenwriter himself did not give new comments.

Judging by the statement, Avellone’s departure will not have a serious impact on the further development of Dying Light 2. However, when the game comes out, it is still unknown. Previously, it was postponed indefinitely.

Earlier, the creators of Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 also commented on the accusations against Avellone . According to them, the scriptwriter helped them in the early stages, but now his achievements were no longer in the game.

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