Tesla has released red shorts – the site went down from the influx of comers

The company Elon Musk has expanded its product line with a novelty – short red shorts with the inscription S3XY. Despite a decent price – $ 69,420, – cowards bought up in a few hours. At the time of writing, only the size XL remained.

“Celebrate this summer with Tesla shorts. Run like the wind in our gold-trimmed satin shorts. Relax by the pool or indoors at any time of the year with our Tesla limited edition shorts, Tesla brand logo on the front and S3XY inscription on the back, ”the product is described on the company’s website.

Shortly after the launch of the new product, the Tesla website went down from the influx of people who wanted to order shorts. Currently, the resource is working intermittently, but you can already open the page with S3XY. Probably, because only the most running size remained.

By issuing shorts, Elon Musk “trolled” stock speculators, earning in “short positions” (shorts in the English language mean both shorts themselves and the strategy on the exchange). Their calculation was based on a short-term increase in Tesla’s stock price and their inevitable decline. The cost of $ 69,420 also refers to the statement by Elon Musk that if the company shares fall to $ 420 apiece, the millionaire will buy all the securities and make Tesla a private company.

Tesla’s stock price is growing at a record pace. During the March fall, companies gave about $ 360 for one security, whereas today – $ 1,280. Thanks to this, last week Tesla became the world’s most expensive car manufacturer, ahead of Toyota in terms of capitalization.


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