Tesla showed a prototype ventilator, partially assembled from parts for Model 3

Tesla belongs to the list of car manufacturers (such as Ford and General Motors), which are redesigning part of the production for the production of mechanical ventilation systems. Ventilators are needed in clinics for patients with COVID-19. Tesla published a video in which it tells about some of the processes of design and creation of mechanical ventilation by the company’s engineers.

To create a ventilator, components are used that are installed in the machine. Automakers use them for a number of reasons, including commonplace: they are available. In the Tesla IVL prototype, a tablet was used, which is the brain of the Model 3 entertainment information system: it is needed to control the air supply.

The pneumatic compressor for suspension is used in mechanical ventilation as a chamber for preparing the air mixture for breathing. Other spare parts from the electric car are also used.

Earlier it was reported that Tesla was engaged in the assembly of only part of the components for mechanical ventilation, however, the company, apparently, decided to move on. How soon they will be available to doctors, not reported.

Dyson, MIT, and a British consortium led by Airbus are also working on new, technically advanced ventilation.


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