That could be a Starcraft shooter. The network got a video of the canceled game

A gameplay video from Starcraft: Ghost has appeared on the Internet – a third-person shooter that was developed for the generation of consoles the year before last. However, the game did not reach the release.

On frames is the shooter version for the Xbox. Starcraft: Ghost should have looked something like this:

Apparently, the game has a playable version of Starcraft: Ghost, which can be run on the Xbox version for developers. However, users note that not all missions are available.

The game even managed to appear at one of the E3 exhibitions, but then disappeared. In 2013, one of the Blizzard employees said that Starcraft: Ghost was not actually canceled: they decided to hold the shooter, and then simply did not return to it. Instead, the company focused on Starcraft 2.

The main character of Starcraft: Ghost was supposed to be the Terran agent Nova: she was to learn the details of a secret project using protoss technology and uncover the plot of the warring parties.

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