The adaptation of the novel “Ready Player Two” was launched into development

It is not yet known when the sequel to Player One will be released.

Writer Ernest Kline confirmed in an interview that Warner Bros. is working on the sequel to the 2018 film adaptation of his novel Ready Player One. Although the book “Ready Player Two” was published only in November 2020, Cline discussed the possibility of its adaptation long before the release.

Until now, the author did not participate in the creation of the upcoming film in any way, as he was busy with his book. Whether he himself or the director of the first part Steven Spielberg will be involved in the work on the picture is currently unknown.

Now the film is in its early stages of production, after all, now all of Hollywood is in limbo. But while working on the first film, everyone had a lot of fun.

We started talking about a possible film based on Ready Player Two even during the filming of Player One. You never know how things will turn out.

But personally, I tried my best to focus on the sequel to my book. After all, the characters survived in the film, who died in my novel. And I was trying to give the fans a sequel that the film would not have influenced in any way. And I’ll think about the adaptation later.

Ernest Kline

Ready Player Two begins nine days after the finale of the first part. According to the plot, Wade and his friends, who now control the OASIS system, find another development by James Holliday – the ONI neural interface, which transfers to the user all the sensations from the virtual world and records them.
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