The American designer created jeans with a solid back pocket. He comes up with other “optional” inventions.

The author solves modern problems with the help of sobbing glasses, nuggets necklaces, and dozens of AirPods cases.

On Reddit , an unusual “invention” gained popularity – jeans with one large back pocket. It was created by American food designer Matt Benedetto from Vermont, who comes up with things to solve non-existent problems.

“Pants with one pocket.” 
Sometimes one is really better than two! 
Our debut line of jeans with one huge pocket that stretches across your entire ass is just that case. 
Gather everything you need for your day – no matter what awaits you today. 
Now let’s be honest, does this pocket make my ass bigger?

Since March 2019, Matt has been running the Instagram account “Unnecessary Inventions”, where he publishes concepts of absurd devices: pulling the latest chips from a Pringles pack of pipe, a cover for several dozen AirPods or a rug with Mark Zuckerberg’s face that monitors the activity in the bathroom room. On the YouTube channel, the designer talks about the process of creating each “invention”.

“Mass pods”. 
Where the hell did my left AirPod go ?! 
It’s time to buy AirPods in large quantities so your ears never go without precious sound sticks. 
Our incredible case comes with enough earbuds for when you inevitably lose one each week. 
The strap is included in the kit, which will become a fashion accessory if you attach it to the side. 
But wait, who took my cord from charging ??

Damn mittens. 
The mittens are great for winter, but you couldn’t show someone an indecent gesture in them … until this day! 
We present to you the first pair of mittens in the universe with a department for one finger to show people how you really feel about them. 
Has someone cropped you? 
Slammed the door in front of your face? 
Maybe the windy weather just pisses you off? 
You know what needs to be done

“Necklace for the Nuggets.” 
Chicken nuggets, anytime. 
All you have to do is put on our new pure gold necklace equipped with branded nuggets capsules. 
Each magnetic capsule stores precious chicken nuggets, which can be stored for optimal snacking. 
There is no time for (almost) fresh nuggets.

“Belt buckle, blow your bubbles.” 
Tired after a long working day or just from life? 
Attach our latest relaxation device to your favorite belt and let it out! 
With this special device, you can reach zen by exploding an endless stream of bubble wrap. 
Upgrade your device with an ASMR add-on that plugs into the headphone jack. 
Now leave my space … I’m trying to relax

Zucker Carpet. 
Facebook for the bathroom! 
Fortunately, Facebook has closely monitored every aspect of our lives except activity in the bathroom … until this day! 
This revolutionary bath mat is equipped with moisture-sensitive sensors to detect when you are taking a shower; 
a microphone for recording shell sounds; 
and “smell-vision” for cases when you use the toilet. 
All information is sent to Facebook. 
So, when did I start to run across targeted teeth whitening ads ?!

“Dressing catcher phone.” 
We save the phones, one for one trip to the bathroom. 
It’s time to stop dropping phones into the toilets, and we have a solution to this problem. 
Our sturdy mesh is firmly attached to your toilet seat and comes with a practical hole. 
Now you can go to the toilet at any time, without fear of drowning your phone

“Svaypay-i-like 4000”. 
The endless Instagram ribbon can seriously tighten! 
But not with our revolutionary robot. 
This device automatically swaps your tape and uses our patented algorithm to like the most optimal photos worthy of your instagram.

Chips Extractor. 
This latest chipset is always the most annoying! 
Our latest invention eliminates this problem – a patented suction device with an ergonomic tip captures every chip perfectly. 
A long tube can reach the deepest bottom of your potato jar. 
A holster is included in the kit so you are always ready. 
Now you can eat one pack at a time, right ?!

Baguette Backpack. 
I know, I know … FINALLY a backpack specially designed for delicious baguettes. 
Head to your local baker and pick up freshly baked hot bread, knowing that it will be safe on the way home. 
Put this French delicacy in our ergonomic bag and fasten it on the back to quickly go about your business!

Lego Socks. 
Can anyone tell me why stepping on a lego is so insanely painful? 
The time has come to say goodbye to this painful experience with our comfortable socks. 
Each pair is equipped with a flexible sole with a geometric pattern, to which each block is attached, without causing pain to the owner of the socks. 
No, first remove your toys, otherwise you won’t get dessert !!

“Pizza belt.” 
Delicious pizza, anywhere, anytime! 
Wear a futuristic belt that has two transparent pockets for your favorite pieces of pizza. 
A buckle and reflector are attached to the sturdy belt for a safe pizza party on the go. 
And put extra pineapple please!

“Glasses for sobs.” 
Let the tears run, but do not spoil your face! 
Our new glasses with two absorbent sponges absorb all the salty tears even before they flow down your face. 
Just squeeze before next use. 
A sad movie, a wedding, or just a daily cry before bed? 
Never shed tears without these beauties. 
I’m not crying, it’s you crying!
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