The American designer created the concept of medical masks with faces printed on them

The author of the idea believes that her invention will help both protect against viruses and unlock a smartphone. But so far has not tested anything.

Photo by Daniel Baskin

Product designer Danielle Baskin introduced a service concept that prints a user’s face on a medical mask so that he can “defend against viruses and unlock a smartphone” using a face recognition system.

Created a service that prints your face on a medical mask so that you can protect yourself from virus outbreaks, but at the same time you can unlock your phone

The masks that Baskin is going to sell for $ 40 (about 2,600 rubles) are still in development. The designer told DailyDot that she postponed the launch for several reasons. First, for starters, she needs to master the printing process so that her faces look realistic.

Secondly, the designer has not yet tested whether her masks work with face recognition systems on smartphones. She suggested that users could wear a mask before setting up Face ID on their iPhone.

For everyone who asked: I am testing compatibility with face recognition technologies on all devices. But what if it is enough for your friends to recognize you?

The main reason for the delay is that Baskin refuses to translate the concept into reality, while in the world there is a global shortage of medical masks due to the outbreak of Covid-19 coronavirus. At the same time, respiratory masks with the N95 filter, created to protect against volatile and liquid particles, cannot 100% protect against coronavirusa.

After starting the service, users will be able to upload a face image to the site and adjust the picture before placing an order. The photo will then be printed with natural colors on a respiratory mask with a N95 filter. Baskin assured that she will delete the photos after they are printed on the mask.

Twitter users have found other uses for the Baskin concept other than virus protection. For example, in the social network it was considered that face masks would amuse children patients who see doctors only in white sterile masks.

Other methods of using a selfie mask, in addition to unlocking the phone: technology against surveillance (if you use someone else’s face); adds fun to sterile hospitals; if you get sick (or breathe emissions), then you are more likely to wear a mask that looks “cool”

Baskin told Mashable that although her idea is not entirely serious, this does not mean that she will not realize it: “I’m not sure if this is a joke or not. But this thing can really be created. ”

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