The astronaut spent on the ISS for almost a year, setting a record for a woman’s stay in space. At home she was joyfully greeted by a dog

On Earth, an American was waiting for joyful leaps, tail influences and hugs.

American NASA astronaut Christina Koch, who spent 328 days at the International Space Station, returned home and received a warm welcome from her dog


“I’m not sure who was more pleased. I’m glad that she remembered me a year later! ” Cook wrote on her twitter. In social networks, the astronauts reunited with her pet.

I need more videos where astronauts reunite with their dogs

Cook set a record for a woman’s stay in space, and also went into outer space on a mission, for the first time in history only women became participants. At the ISS, she observed plant growth in space, grew protein crystals under microgravity conditions, and studied the effect of lack of gravity on human health

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