The Boy Scouts of America asked the authorities for bankruptcy protection. After harassment claimed by 12 thousand children

The organization hid the black list of those accused of sexual violence. And some employees then worked in other states.

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The Boy Scouts of America filed for bankruptcy protection due to the rise in sexual harassment litigation. This is written by the BBC , Los Angeles Times and New York Times .

The Boy Scouts admitted that “nothing can reverse the tragic violence suffered by the victims.” But the organization promised to give all victims fair compensation.

We are outraged when people used our programs to harm innocent children.Roger Mosbypresident of the Boy Scouts of America

Boy Scouts of America – One of the Largest Youth Organizations in the USA

The scout movement was founded in 1907. There, children are taught a wide range of life skills: first aid, camping and civil rights. In scouting, there is a clear distribution of roles and a reward system. At first, only boys were accepted into the movement.

Every four years, the United States hosts a national scout gathering

The Boy Scouts of America organization appeared in 1910: since then, more than 110 million people have taken part in its programs. Now it consists of about 2.4 million people, whereas, for example, in the 1970s, the figure was six million.

In 2018, the organization announced the admission of girls to all levels of its program, before that they were allowed only to a part. In the same year, the Boy Scouts allowed transgender people to join their ranks.

300 class action suits have already been filed against the Boy Scouts of America. The organization repeats the tactics of the Catholic Church

Some 300 sexual abuse lawsuits have already been filed against the Boy Scouts of America. At least 12 thousand scouts said they were victims of violence.

According to journalists, the organization has been facing claims of sexual violence for decades. But their number grew after the Los Angeles Times published a blacklist of the organization in 2012 , which described in detail the allegations of sexual violence against members of the movement.

The Los Angeles Times published database of 5,000 men and women expelled from the Boy Scouts from 1947 to January 2005 on suspicion of sexual abuse

The publication of such data has caused a public outcry. One of the reasons for the outrage was that the Scouts owned extensive information about sexual violence, but hid it. In one form or another, the organization kept a list of “unsuitable volunteers” since 1919. It was digitized in 1975.

The organization allegedly used the Black List to prevent the return of men who were expelled for alleged sexual abuse. In a number of cases, the organization’s leaders documented cases of harassment, but allowed the squad leader to work on a “trial period”.

The Los Angeles Times published base of the Boy Scouts accused of sexual assault

But as the Los Angeles Times found out, some of these men were still able to return to the organization by providing fake data or bypassing the registration process. Other accused could move from squad to squad across the country due to clerical errors or the organization’s inability to check the blacklist.

Journalists gave an example: one of the leaders of the detachment was expelled from the organization in 1970 for sexual abuse of a 14-year-old boy in Indiana. The man was convicted of this crime, but that did not stop him from working in the Boy Scouts in Illinois between 1971 and 1988. He later confessed to violence against another 100 boys: he was sentenced to 100 years in prison.

Photos of the Boy Scouts who were accused of violent acts, but they continued to work in the organization. 
All were subsequently convicted. 

In one case, it is said that the assistant scoutmaster (position in the detachment, approx. ), 34-year-old Michael Kelsi, performed the song “Akuna matata” with “rotating hips” and a naked penis in the Boy Scout locker room. Later, the same man was accused of “fondling” the genitals of one boy for 10-20 minutes while he was sleeping.The procedure under the US Bankruptcy Code will suspend ongoing claims for the duration of the settlement process. The organization intends to pay compensation to everyone who “suffered in the past years” from harassment, and does not plan to stop its work. Journalists believe that going to court regarding the bankruptcy of a central organization will allow it to preserve the assets of local branches. The procedure will also allow to suspend financial payments and begin reorganization, controlling accounts.

NYT notes that Catholic dioceses embroiled in a church sexual abuse scandal used the same tactic .

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