The bumps and bumps of the flexible screen in the RAZR are the norm

Motorola has warned buyers of the RAZR clamshell smartphone about the features of the flexible screen: the presence of bumps and bumps on it is normal. The company also recommends treating the display with increased accuracy, do not glue protective films on it, do not poke with sharp objects, and so on.

Such warnings do not sound strange, since devices with flexible screens only appear on the market and technologies require further improvement. Especially considering the fact that the new RAZR costs $ 1.5 thousand (the smartphone is available only to Verizon subscribers with a 2-year contract and a monthly payment of $ 62).

As The Verge recalls , in the case of the Galaxy Fold, the appearance of “bumps and bumps” threatened to break the display. In the case of RAZR, this is a design feature due to the need to maintain the integrity of the flexible panel.

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