The concept of iOS 14 with widgets on the main screen

In the test build, iOS 14 found indirect confirmation that Apple is developing widgets for the main screen .

Designers could not ignore this topic and have already presented several concepts of how this can be implemented.

For example, the iPhoneSoft concept for widgets has a separate zone at the top. Thus, icons are not lost among widgets, and users always see relevant information.

Upstairs you can display the battery, activity, weather and stopwatch.

Apple Hub designers have a different opinion. In their concept, widgets are among the icons, just as it is implemented on Android.

Topic: How the new iOS 14 desktop may look

Widgets can be of different sizes and show relevant information from applications. For example, news in Apple News, weather and activity of Apple Watch.

In any case, these are just concepts and there is no guarantee that we will see widgets on the main screen of iOS 14, especially in this form. Apple may change plans at any time.


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