The concept of the iPhone 14 with a rotating screen

Looking ahead, we can say with confidence: in the foreseeable and even distant future, Apple will not release a smartphone with a screen similar to that of the concept below. Nevertheless, it is always interesting to observe the transformation of the interests and expectations of artists and designers who see the future in the forms they invented.

It is worth noting that Michael Muleba, who is the author of the iPhone 14 concept, has been cherishing the idea of ​​an iPhone with a rotating screen for more than a year. At least in 2016, he demonstrated this approach using the iPhone 6X as an example . It is worth noting that since then the quality of renderings has grown.

The main, albeit very controversial, convenience is that in this form factor the user can type text on the keyboard below the main screen on which the input field is located. Although there is something to tell.


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