The conspiracy theory about the connection of coronavirus and 5G makes the British set fire to mobile towers

5G cell towers set on fire in the UK. People think the coronavirus appeared because of them.

Conspiracy theories are published in thousands of groups on Facebook and Nextdoor. People claim that the coronavirus appeared in the Chinese city of Wuhan because 5G was recently launched there.

Now the virus spreads in all cities in which there is 5G. At the same time, people do not pay attention to the fact that coronavirus exists in small British cities, as well as in countries where there are no fifth-generation networks.

Some conspiracy theorists even approach workers who lay fiber optic cables and claim that 5G “will kill everyone.”


More radical users urge to set fire to towers with fifth-generation networks. According to the BBC , there have been three such arson attacks in the UK.

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Facebook removed the most popular group in which they incited to arson. However, smaller groups with similar appeals continue to work in the social network.

Obviously, there is no evidence, including scientific, linking 5G and coronavirus. However, people are not interested. [ The Verge ]


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