The Doomsday Clock hand was moved forward 20 seconds – for the first time the world was so close to the “end of the world”

Before the conditional disaster, a little more than one and a half “minutes” remained.

The Doomsday Clock hand was moved forward 20 conventional seconds – from two minutes to 100 seconds. This is the closest mark to the “end of the world” in the history of the project, which began in 1947. This was reported in the journal of the University of Chicago, Bulletin of Atomic Scientists.

As the president of the organization, Rachel Bronson, noted, the world was faced with an extremely situation: the metaphorical time to the “end of the world” for the first time was not calculated in hours or even minutes. The main threats to humanity, scientists called nuclear war, climate change and cyber disinformation.

Arrow shift reasons

  • The threat of nuclear war has increased because the world has returned to a state of nuclear arms race, and political conflicts over Iran and North Korea programs remain unresolved, in addition, the United States and Russia have broken disarmament agreements;
  • Climate change awareness has grown thanks to massive youth protests around the world. But despite this, governments have not made sufficient efforts to resolve the problem;
  • Cyber ​​disinformation is one of the main threats. Governments create information campaigns to spread distrust of individual institutions and between countries. According to scientists, this undermines international and local efforts to strengthen peace and protect the planet.

What do they propose to do

  • The United States and Russia should agree to end the nuclear race, reduce nuclear arsenals, limit warhead modernization programs and start a dialogue on cyber warfare, missile defense, space militarization, supersonic technologies and the elimination of nuclear weapons on the battlefield;
  • The countries of the world must confirm the goals of the Paris Agreements. Researchers believe that limiting warming is real if you quickly change the global energy system. To do this, developed countries will have to help developing countries abandon fossil fuels;
  • The US and other countries that have signed a nuclear deal with Iran should work together to limit the proliferation of nuclear weapons in the Middle East. Scientists believe that Iran intends to violate the key terms of the transaction;
  • The international community must establish standards of behavior that discourage and punish abuse of science.

The Bulletin of Nuclear Scientists consists of 13 Nobel laureates who annually determine the time to the metaphorical end of the world. The last time the arrow was moved forward in 2018 by 30 seconds: then the cause was also called the threat of nuclear war and climate change.

The Doomsday Clock hand was moved forward – two minutes left before the end of the world

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