The first iPhone 12 mini reviews are out. Apple finally made a top-end small smartphone

Apple lifted the embargo on Western iPhone 12 mini reviews.

In general, everyone was happy with the new device. However, we also found disadvantages in him, which for some people may be critical.

More details below.

1. Engadget

It’s a cool smartphone, but we wouldn’t recommend it to most.

Engadget journalists were among the first to speak .

The iPhone 12 and 12 mini are basically the same phone, which is great overall.

The novelty is lightning fast, whether you’re playing resource-intensive games or switching between multiple applications. It’s even surprising that Apple decided to make a miniature device comparable in power to large analogs . And it really is the most powerful small smartphone on the market.

4 GB of RAM does not make itself felt, for a week of testing not a single program has yet flown out of memory.

If you’ve been worried about MagSafe compatibility, this is fine. They fit well together in size. Although the speed of the “minis” is slightly lower: 12 W versus 15 W. A cool feature – when this charging is connected, the smartphone screen lights up in the body color .

As for the cameras, it is the same unit as in the iPhone 12: 12MP wide-angle with f / 1.6 aperture, OIS and a new 7-element lens, as well as 12MP ultra-wide angle. Overall, the iPhone 12 mini takes great pictures.

In terms of autonomy, everything is not so rosy. The author of the article took the smartphone out of charge at 8 am, and by 4 pm it was already discharged.

But at the same time, he had 7 hours of active screen, and mostly Safari, Twitter and Spotify worked. And the smart was in constant use. With more measured use, it lasts for 12-13 hours, that is, for the whole day.

2. The Verge

Easy to adapt to, great camera

But The Verge had more questions for the smartphone.

It is customary to call phones by screen size, and for the iPhone 12 mini this number is 5.4 inches diagonally. But this number does not mean it at all. The phone is smaller than the traditional 4.7-inch iPhone design with Home button that we’ve seen from the iPhone 6 to the 6S, 7, 8, and SE 2020, although the screen itself is larger.

That’s because the 12 mini, like the rest of the iPhone 12 lineup, has moved to more modern OLED screens and a Face ID cutout for unlocking. These two features allow Apple to create a phone with minimum bezels and maximum screen.

Compared to the regular iPhone 12 with a 6.1-inch screen, there may be one or two lines of text cut off here . In fact, you’re missing out on the immersive feeling you can get on the big screen when you’re playing or watching a movie.

Since the smartphone is slightly shorter than modern counterparts, many people will be able to reach the top without intercepting the case. It’s just super. It’s also much more likely to fit in small pockets.

IPhone 12 mini has the fastest processor of any phone, it has the same dual-camera system as the iPhone 12, and best of all, it has all the components and antennas needed for both the sub-6 and ( in the USA) mmWave 5G. It’s fast, handles multiple tasks well, and doesn’t seem like a compromise when using it . This is a truly amazing technical achievement.

The battery life on the iPhone 12 mini is noticeably worse than on the iPhone 12, which in itself was a step up from the iPhone 11. By the evening, you will definitely be charging it . And during the games, you will notice how the percentages fall every minute. But keep in mind that we tested the iPhone in 5G networks, and they are quite voracious.

There are no complaints about the camera. It is completely similar to the iPhone 12, which is usually not expected on “stripped-down” devices.

There is absolutely nothing to add here. Just a great camera in a tiny body.

The most important advantage of the “mini” is that it was created for people with small hands and tight pockets. This gadget is incredibly easy to use with one hand.


3. Wired

The smartphone should fit into your life, not cause cramps in your hands or fall out of your back pocket

At Wired almost did not have questions for the new product.

Remember one-handed clicks, swipes and texting? Here everything is as it was before.

Unlike the small iPhone SE, which was released just this spring, the mini is packed with the latest technology. Best camera. And support for 5G. The iPhone 12 mini is so simple that even if you didn’t think you needed a phone like this, you can still find yourself drawn to it .

This is not a cheap smartphone. It exceeds what market research firms consider the gadget’s “average” price, and that’s the same price as the latest Google Pixel 5. The iPhone 12 mini is significantly more expensive than the 2020 iPhone SE, which starts at $ 399. And this factor can stop many from buying .

Wouldn’t it be nice to lower the priority of the screens? Even if it means just using the slightly smaller one? This is what it was like to switch to the iPhone 12 mini. Before us is still a smartphone, not a baby monitor.

Its screen is large enough to read emails, Twitter or Maps while in the car, but small enough to watch more than one episode of a series on Netflix . More will just get annoying.

Its speakers are not as impressive as one would expect from a smaller device. But during a telephone conversation at maximum volume, you will hear distortion.

The journalist of the publication used 4G networks, and he noted a good autonomy for such dimensions. After removing the device from charging at 11 am, by 22 pm it was about 10%.

iPhone 12 mini is a device for everyday use. And he is needed in order to facilitate your interaction with him.

What is the result

Everyone was happy with such a compact device and noted that there had never been a manufacturer to release a scaled-down device with flagship features. Apple may have set a new trend.

However, now there are questions about autonomous work. Whether it is enough for you specifically for certain tasks is difficult to say. The battery works quite well, but it’s better to have a power bank with you.

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