The first MacBook Air 2020 reviews have been released. Here are the impressions

Western editions have released the first reviews of the new MacBook Air . Everyone is happy with the update.

Journalists were especially pleased with the new keyboard, latest processors and a reduced price.

Otherwise, everyone was happy with the MacBook Air.

  1. TechCrunch

It’s nice to type again.

Apple MacBook Air 2020

After years of working with MacBook keyboards, which culminated in a few lawsuits and countless stuck keys, Apple introduced a new keyboard design in the 16-inch MacBook Pro. Fortunately, Air also came under the upgrade.

Apple returned to the scissor mechanism, which led to an increase in the stroke of the keys. In fact, this means that the buttons are pressed like on a regular keyboard.

The Butterfly mechanism was a big mistake for the company. In addition to the lack of tactile feedback, the fact that they fit snugly on the laptop meant that when garbage got in, they stopped working. I had at least one case when I needed a can of compressed air to purge the S key.

Unlike previous attempts to renew the Butterfly, the return to the scissor mechanism is a notable improvement. Compared to other keyboards, the keys still have a relatively small stroke, but the sensations have improved significantly. Not to mention the fact that when typing, they sound quieter. These feelings are similar to those that you experience when working with Magic Keyboard.

  1. CNBC

The best laptop for Mac fans.

The MacBook Air has always been known as thin, light and powerful. Apple invented the super-slim notebook category with the first MacBook Air in 2008. The design of this model has not changed compared to the versions of 2018/2019, but Apple made several important upgrades.

The company now offers 256 GB SSDs in an entry-level model for $ 999. This is twice as much as we used to get, and this is the right step, because applications weigh more.

Apple has also added the latest 10th generation Intel Core processors, which offer faster Wi-Fi and improved performance. The entry-level model comes with Core i3, but I tested a more powerful version with Core i5, which costs $ 100 more. He worked fast enough. I did not see any slowdowns when launching a bunch of applications like Apple TV +, Chrome with many tabs, Slack and Photos.

Is it worth it to buy? Yes. And it took me just a day to come to this conclusion.

  1. Engadget

Apple drew attention to the most obvious drawback of the previous generation model, while lowering the price.

As with the 16-inch MacBook Pro, Apple switched to the so-called T-shaped arrangement of arrow buttons. In this case, the up and down arrows are located one above the other, on the sides there are arrows to the right and left of a reduced size. Thanks to this, buttons can be easily felt when working with text or a table.


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