The first Motorola RAZR reviews have been released. Screen is better than Galaxy Fold

Bloggers and publications got the flexible Motorola RAZR and released reviews.

First of all, all reviewers were impressed by the box in which the gadget is supplied. It is made in the form of an elongated triangle, the smartphone in it is located vertically and immediately in the open form.

The phone comes with a power supply, headphones, an adapter from USB-C to a 3.5 mm audio jack and a USB-A / USB-C charging cable.

This is the box all Motorola RAZR buyers will receive. It can be used instead of a docking station.

1. Flossy Carter

The RAZR opens with a pleasant click.

Lenovo tried to keep the design of the first RAZR as much as possible, and, it seems, it succeeded. The phone even opens and closes with a pleasant loud sound.

When folded, the new RAZR is slightly shorter and wider than the old, they are approximately the same in thickness. At first glance, the smartphone seems easy, although in fact it is not.

On the outside there is an additional screen. It shows the time and notifications.

The back side is made of ribbed plastic. No moisture protection.

2. Android Central

The screen is good, but you need to handle it carefully.

Lenovo engineers managed to make a flexible display without creasing, unlike the Galaxy Fold. When opened, the screen is no different from other smartphones.

But the journalists still interacted with him carefully. The RAZR screen does not seem reliable, but rather the opposite. Sometimes it feels like the display is squeezed when pressed hard.

Topic: Motorola warned: flexible RAZR display will be uneven

3. Noah Hermen

The camera is slow, the quality is not impressive. But RAZR itself is fast.

The camera can be called just good. To the level of the iPhone 11 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S10, it definitely falls short.

Focus is slow, pictures are not very detailed.

Selfies can be taken on the main camera. In this case, the picture is displayed on the second screen.

Despite the average technical specifications (Snapdragon 710 and 6 GB of RAM), the smartphone works quickly and smoothly. Performance should be enough to cope with everyday tasks.

At the moment, Motorola RAZR runs on Android 9. The company promises to soon release an update to Android 10.

In the United States, pre-orders for Motorola RAZR are already open . A smartphone will cost $ 1,499 or 93 thousand rubles. Sales of the device will begin on February 18.

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