The first official trailer for Warzone – shareware “royal battle” for Modern Warfare

It will have up to 150 players – and two main modes.

Warzone comes out March 10th on all major game platforms. You can either download it separately or enter it directly from the Modern Warfare menu. The progression in both versions is the same.

The owners of Modern Warfare will need to download 18-20 GB, and those who do not have a game, 80-100 GB.

Previously, the players noticed that at 18:00 Moscow time a timer appeared in the “classified” menu item of the game with a countdown until the evening of March 10 – that is when the new mode will be launched.

Over the past weeks on Warzone, a lot of leaks have appeared on the network, including gameplay.

Earlier, the media noted that it would be logical for Activision to follow in the footsteps of Fortnite and Apex Legends, highlighting the “royal battle” in a full-fledged F2P product that will develop in parallel with the “premium” releases in the series. The familiar Call of Duty with a $ 60 price tag is still planned for fall 2020.
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