The first screenshots of iOS 14 with new types of wallpapers

A Twitter user nicknamed DongleBookPro posted iOS 14 screenshots. They show a new section with wallpapers.

As expected, the collection of wallpapers on various topics will appear in the system. Collections can be created not only by Apple, but also by developers.

Topic: Updated section with wallpapers, contests in Photos. What else was found in iOS 14

Also in the settings, added the Smart Gradient parameter (Smart Blur). With it, users can blur any image on the main screen.


In a test build, iOS 14 found a new feature, code-named Avocado. Judging by the code, it is associated with Springboard, that is, with the main screen of iOS 14.

9to5Mac suggests that the new version of the system will have widgets that can be placed anywhere, and blurring the wallpaper will improve their readability. [ 9to5Mac ]


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