The first victory in 50 years, the scandal over the anthem and the language of Shakira: what was remembered by Super Bowl 2020

The most interesting moments of the main event of the year in American sports: the course of the match, shows during the break, memes and advertising.

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On February 3, Miami hosted the 54th Super Bowl – a game for the title of champion of the National Football League (NFL). The Kansas City Chiefs team won the title, defeating the San Francisco Forty Niners with a score of 31-20. The American Football Final attracts millions of viewers every time: not only because of the match, but also because of the performances of popular artists, demonstrations of fresh trailers and expensive commercials.

TJ has collected everything that is remembered for the main game of the year in American sports.

Championship comeback

Before the match, it was clear: whoever won the Super Bowl in 2020, for that team it would be a landmark event because of a long series without victories. San Francisco Forty Niners is one of the most titled NFL clubs, but the team last became a champion in 1995. The Chiefs generally won 50 years ago, in the 1970 Super Bowl.

But for many “neutral” fans of American football, it became important that the New England Patriots team did not qualify for the final. The Patriots have been participating in the Super Bowl for the past three years, and for their constant victories the club has been repeatedly recognized as the most hated in the NFL. Therefore, the social networks simply rejoiced at the participation of other teams, and someone ironically continued to cheer for New England.

Just a reminder: “Chiefs” are those in red uniforms, “Niners” are those in white. And the Patriots are the ones who watch the game at home, like all of us

The Patriots don’t know what to do, since their team is not at the Super Bowl
The first half of the match turned out to be ineffective – the teams finished the second quarter with a score of 10-10. It’s still better than the 2019 Super Bowl (which was called the most boring in history), but some fans managed to fall asleep right at the stadium.

Now the first half of the Super Bowl … and he already fell asleep

But in the second half of the game everything changed. Before the final quarter of the match, the Forty Niners took the lead with a score of 20-10. It would seem that the team from San Francisco could only bring matters to victory. But the Chiefs responded with several successive attacks in a row and pulled out the championship

In social networks, they immediately remembered another Super Bowl – the match of 2017, where Atlanta Falcons managed to lose the Patriots, leading with an advantage of 25 points. It so happened that in 2017, Niners head coach Kyle Shenahan was the attack coordinator (assistant head coach) Falcons. So Twitter filled with jokes about it.

Kyle Shanahan during leadership in Super Bowl

Kyle Shanahan missed the 25-point lead at Super Bowl 2017. Kyle Shenahan with a ten-point advantage at Super Bowl 2020: “Want to see how I do it again?”

Kyle Shanahan at Super Bowl

Scandal with Jay Z, Beyoncé and the US anthem

By tradition, before the NFL final match, the US anthem sounded, during which players and spectators stand up. But the TMZ tabloid took off rapper Jay Z and singer Beyoncé – the couple remained in their seats during the anthem.

This gesture is probably a reference to the NFL scandal involving one of the Super Bowl teams. In 2016, San Francisco quarterback Colin Copernicus began to kneel during the anthem, thereby expressing protest against oppression of African Americans and interracial violence.

This act of a football player divided American society into two parts: some supported the athlete, while others, including Donald Trump, accused him of disrespect for the anthem. After that, according to media reports, Kapernik was put on the “black list” – he did not play more in the NFL, although he repeatedly announced his readiness. Other football players repeated the gesture after him.

The action of Jay Z and Beyonce was criticized by supporters of the Republican Party.

Beyoncé and Jay Z hate Trump more than they love their country. Just disgusting

See: while thousands of Americans are loyal to the American flag, Jay Z and Beyoncé sit in silence. The United States is no place for unpatriotic scum like the two. Send them and Colin Marquez to Mexico!

Beyoncé and Jay Z (a former cracker) sat during the national anthem because the United States apparently oppressed them with millions of dollars and fans. Sounds hard. Maybe they should try another country, which will give them a little more freedom and success?

Girl try to run out on the field

In the 2019 Champions League final, a girl in a swimsuit ran out onto the field – she was quickly detained, but this trick brought her hundreds of thousands of followers on social networks without any consequences.

In the Champions League final, a girl ran out onto the field …This is a blogger promotion.

Apparently, after this, similar actions from bloggers became a trend. So at the Super Bowl 2020, the Instagram blogger tried to break into the field. It didn’t work out very well: according to journalists at the stadium, the girl was detained even before she was able to get on television one of the most popular US TV events. All that she got out of fame – a few photos.

The only thing that the girl eventually managed to do was to pull up her dress while the guards took her away.

Latin American show during the break

Super Bowl 2020 was held in Miami, a city with a strong influence of Latin American culture. That is why Shakira and Jennifer Lopez were invited to perform with a music show during the break of the match.

Fans liked the concert much more than the show a year earlier – in 2019, the band Maroon 5 performed, as well as rappers Travis Scott and Big Boi. YouTube users did not appreciate the concert of musicians – the video is many times more dislikes than likes.


The Super Bowl big-break show, which often includes those who are not interested in American football, has caused a lot of jokes on social networks.

Super Bowl Big Break Show Without Spoilers

No, we did not sponsor the show during Super Bowl break

Hispanic Milfs Will Be Trending Soon

Super Bowl show provided us with the best example of random renaissance

Trump when he saw the flag of Puerto Rico

The show during the big break also gave the Internet the main meme of the Super Bowl – Shakira’s language.

Thanks to Shakira for the new alarm clock.

Shakira during the show during the break

I will tell the children that this is Shakira

My cat eats jelly for cats

Who made it better: Shakira or basketball player Glen Davis?

Not without memories of Vitas.

Advertising and trailers

Traditionally, during the Super Bowl, they showed teasers for the expected films and series, as well as the most expensive advertisement in the world. In 2020, out of new projects, during the breaks of the match, they showed the final trailer for Mulan, the sequel for Minions and the movie with the Disney + series on the Marvel cinematic universe, which included Wanda Vision, Falcon and Winter Soldier and Loki.

Among the unusual trends of the Super Bowl, one can single out the TikTok debut – the super-popular Chinese social network took several advertising slots at once, which cost from $ 5 million.

Jeep made an advertisement in the style of Groundhog Day – a traditional American holiday in 2020 almost coincided with the Super Bowls. The main role in the video, as in the film, was played by actor Bill Murray. According to the plot, he again falls into a temporary loop, steals the groundhog, but does not try to break out, because “every day with the Jeep Gladiator turns into a new adventure.”

Google to the Super Bowl made a touching video about love, loss and memories.

You can watch other interesting Super Bowl commercials in a separate article.

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