The folding Galaxy Z Flip was taken apart completely. Found glass inside

On the PBKreviews channel , a video with a screen analysis of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip was released.

Samsung really uses ultra-thin glass. But it is hidden under a protective film that is forbidden to be removed. If you remove it, the screen is immediately covered with broken pixels, but the touchscreen continues to work.

A logical question arises: why glue a film on glass if it is stronger than plastic? The fact is that the glass in the Galaxy Z Flip has a thickness of 30 microns. This is 16 times smaller than glass on a regular smartphone. Since it is so thin, he himself needs protection .

The display cannot be called reliable, so no matter what material it is made of. But from a marketing point of view, the glass screen sounds much better than the Galaxy Fold plastic display. [ Android Police ]

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