The graphene battery in Huawei P40 Pro turned out to be fiction

Huawei’s French division has bewildered users, officially confirming rumors that the smartphone Huawei P40 Pro will receive a graphene battery. True, the tweet disappeared very soon, but the journalist of the PhoneArena resource managed to take a screenshot of the message.

The graphene battery in smartphones could really be a revolution, but, according to some experts, this is still unrealistic. In particular, the author of the @IceUniverse account, which specializes in data on Samsung smartphones, believes so. He immediately spoke about the tweet of Huawei France: the necessary technology simply does not exist, he said.

A similar opinion is shared by PhoneArena – the journalist of the resource noted that he was initially skeptical of the statement of the French division of Huawei. He also added that the source of the “original hearing” was an Indian guy.

In short: full-fledged graphene batteries for smartphones are not expected in the near future.

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