The image of a cat from the original Demon’s Souls was found in the remake – but only as an Easter egg

In the original Demon’s Souls, as in other Souls games, the player can wear various rings for additional boosts. So, when using the Cat’s Ring, which reduces damage when falling, the player has an icon with a photo of a real cat.

This icon became a kind of meme among the DS community – largely due to the fact that the photo of a real cat stood out from the rest of the icons, made in the standard style for games.

With the release of the Demon’s Souls remake on PS5, fans have discovered that Bluepoint has replaced the original cat icon with a much more minimalistic one.

they … messed up the cat ring icon in Demon’s Souls. I delete right now
However, as it turned out, the developers of the remake still left a photo of the cat in the game, but only as an Easter egg – the image can be seen on one of the trees.

Some players joke that now in the remake it is necessary to find a reference to the rat ring, which in the original also had an unusual icon.

The Demon’s Souls remake was released on November 12 on PS5. The game received overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics, with an average Metacritic rating of 92 out of 100 based on seven reviews.

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