The man in the last row of the plane lost his temper due to the woman’s reclined chair. Now in social networks argue who is to blame

The discussion reached accusations against both parties to the conflict and the designers of the liners.

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The American filmed a video of how a man from the last row of the plane knocked on the back of her chair reclined in front of him. Now on Twitter they are trying to solve the moral dilemma and decide which of them is to blame, and at the same time they are finding out whether it is ethical to recline the seatbacks in airplanes.

American Eagle Airlines passenger plane Wendi Williams departed from New Orleans (Louisiana) to Charlotte (North Carolina) – the flight takes about an hour and a half. On board, she sat on the penultimate row, and behind her a fellow traveler, whose chair does not recline, hit with the fist in the back of her reclined seat. Williams posted a video on his Twitter and complained about the passenger.

What an asshole! He got angry because I threw back the seat and hit him nine times – and hard. At some point, I started shooting him, and he stopped beating. Another asshole is a flight attendant who reprimanded me and offered him rum!

Williams said that when she first leaned back, the passenger asked her not to do this while he was eating. She agreed. When he ate, the woman lowered her chair again – and he began to beat on the back.

When the passenger drew the attention of the flight attendant to the situation, he reprimanded her and threatened to take her out of the plane. And he gave the man a free cocktail. Williams later stated that she did not go to work because of a “terrible headache of pain” that lasted all week, and even went to the doctor.

Twitter user @MarinaMarraco started a discussion about the situation in the hope of finding out which side of the conflict was to blame.

This video really shared the internet. Dude is sitting in the last seat on the plane. His chair does not recline. Her – leans back. And she throws back. He is indignant and, without ceasing, knocks on her back. She is filming this on video. Who is right? Who is wrong?

In the social network, opinions about the actions of passengers were divided. Many felt that Williams was to blame for the situation, since, in their opinion, it was wrong to fold the seat in any case.

Leaning back is rude anyway. I turn the air conditioner so that it blows on their necks until they turn. I tell them that I’ll turn it off if they raise the chair. Always works

People who recline their backs are just bad people. Just because you CAN do something doesn’t mean you SHOULD do it

What is the general question? Obviously, she was guilty of having thrown back, didn’t lift her when the conflict started, filmed it on camera and sent the video to the media (Of course, he could have acted better)

If you recline your seat on an airplane, then you’re a damn asshole. the end

Others, on the contrary, sided with Williams. And they considered that to recline a seat is the right of any passenger.

I fly regularly. In my opinion, once the seat reclines, that’s all, the end of the discussion. Anyone who sits has every right to use any functional seat. What is so controversial?

He is 1000% wrong. Everyone knows that the seats in the last row do not recline. Choose another if this is the problem. Passengers have the right to recline their seats at any time, except for lunch. Knocking on the seat in front of you is just crazy

I travel more than 100 thousand miles a year. He is not right. It’s not her fault that he chose a seat whose back does not recline. He is the instigator of the conflict and a bully. The chances of him doing the same if a man was sitting in front of him are low

Users also noticed that knocking on other people’s seats is basically wrong. And they suggested that the passenger would not hit the chair in which the man is sitting.

What are we arguing about ?! He knocks on her seat. This is crazy behavior, not even considering the reclining seat. The guy hits the woman’s chair, which is why she jumps up and down. Outrageous

Is she to blame for taking a shitty seat? And what adequate adult would knock on someone else’s seat?

What a cowardly sexist. Imagine if there was a huge dude with an evil mug in her place. Nichrome he would not knock

The social networks also felt that both were to blame – it was wrong to fold the seat, but also to knock on the back. Both parties to the conflict were accused of infantilism.

Both are terrible. He is a fool because he knocks on her seat. She is a fool because she shot it on video and did not tell him to stop or called the cabin attendant. Fuck both of these assholes. To other news – yesterday I made a wonderful guacamole

Surprisingly, the cabin crew did not notice that two unaccompanied adults were in the tail of the plane

Depends on how long the trip is. Leaning back on short flights is disgusting, but knocking on the seat too

Someone came to the conclusion that the designers of aircraft who make too narrow rows are to blame.

Airlines are to blame for putting people in situations from Lord of the Flies

“Who’s wrong?” Aircraft designers. Take pity. Take away one damn row and give everyone an extra 1/16 inch of the space they deserve

I think airlines suck
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