The modder returned the spiders to Teardown using a script – the developer released an update that removes them completely

Teardown is a voxel-destructible sandbox puzzle game released on October 30th via Steam Early Access . The game is the result of a successful technical prototype that Swedish developer Dennis Gustafsson unveiled in August 2019.

During the demo demos, Gustafsson also showed large spiders, but they were not in the announcement video. Gustafsson explained that the spiders were intended for a different prototype – according to him, he was not sure if these creatures would fit into the Teardown concept.

Despite this, the developer still hinted at their possible appearance.

What about spiders? Where are the spiders? I’m glad you like the spiders. I liked them too. They were intended for another prototype that I was working on and I’m not sure if they would fit into this concept, but who said you can’t steal things from an underground laboratory filled with spider monsters? 🙂
As it turned out, Gustafsson left the spiders in Teardown, but they appear in the game only after a special script that must be added to the file. A detailed guide with a demonstration was published by a user under the nickname Snake Slime.

He added more than a dozen spiders to the game that can attack and even kill the player. Judging by the video, this puts a heavy load on the system, especially if numerous spiders and destruction of objects are displayed at the same time.

Soon, Gustafsson himself drew attention to the modder’s find – he released an update that finally removes spiders from Teardown. According to him, the creatures were added to the game by mistake.

The developer noted that the spiders are still not working as intended, and therefore it was decided to remove them so as “not to spoil the surprise when they return.” Perhaps Gustafsson should also consider a special treatment for arachnophobes .

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