The model accused the photographer Sergey Bermenyev of rape. He claims to be a provocation.

A video appeared on the network in which the girl calmly leaves the photographer’s apartment after they were shot together.

26-year-old fashion model Daria Fisun said the prosecutor’s office of Moscow rape, accusing famous photographer Sergey Bermenyev. According to Fisun, the man offered her a drink, and the girl took a sip “for visibility.” Further, according to the model, he took her to the bedroom and raped her. The girl claims that the photographer was not rude to her, but she could not resist due to a strong shock.

The Investigative Committee began the audit and ordered a forensic examination. Bermeniev has already been summoned for interrogation to the investigative department. The photographer denies the allegations and considers the incident a provocation. According to him, the girl turned to the police twelve hours after their last meeting.

Now I’m going to the prosecutor, I can tell in more detail later, after the conversation … But I’m not sure that I am such a goal, I’m not Harvey Weinstein, I live very quietly.

Sergey Bermenyev


A record appeared on the network that shows how the model leaves the photographer’s apartment after the alleged incident. The girl even hugs a man goodbye.

56-year-old portrait photographer Sergey Bermenyev worked with world-famous domestic and foreign celebrities. Among his works are photographs of Al Pacino, Federico Fellini, Andriano Celentano, Joseph Brodsky, Victor Tsoi, Meryl Streep, Quentin Tarantino, Mireille Mathieu and other celebrities.


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