The most honest iPhone. Review of the new iPhone SE

This year, Apple’s new iPhone came out in the spring, not in the fall. This has already happened in history, and the most recent example is again iPhone SE, but the one that appeared four years ago. The new iPhone SE with its predecessor is related only to the name. The real twin brother of the novelty is the iPhone 8 , introduced almost three years ago with the “ten”. The threshold for entering the world of “apple” smartphones has decreased markedly, although it remains quite high against the background of Android models. Is buying an iPhone SE justified in 2020? We will understand our review.

To begin with, we briefly list the main impressions of working with a new smartphone, as well as the nuances characteristic of it. Yes, in many ways this is really the twin brother of the iPhone 8, but there are enough differences thanks to which the iPhone SE can not be called a clone. As usual, let’s talk more about the camera. But first things first.

iPhone SE 11 Pro and XR

Briefly about the main thing

  • The design of the novelty is 99% identical to the G8. Leave 1% for slightly changed shades. No matter how strange and fun it may sound, black has become darker and white has become lighter. In addition, the model has a white front panel is now black, while the iPhone 8 it was white to match the cover. The materials remained the same: a lot of easily soiled glass and a little aviation aluminum on the sides. IP67 also has protection against water and dust, so you can swim in the bathroom for hours (but not desirable). Oh yes, the logo with the apple has shifted below and is now located right in the middle, like other representatives of the current iPhone line.
  • Dimensions also match up to millimeters. This means that accessories from the G8 are suitable for the iPhone SE.

    iPhone 11 Pro, SE and XR

  • Before us is the most compact of the current “iPhones” and, in general, one of the most convenient modern phones for the hand. This is a paradise for those who are tired of dealing with “shovels” of different stripes and who dream not of the largest, but the most comfortable smartphone.
  • And the display was inherited from the iPhone 8 . By itself, the 4.7-inch IPS-matrix is ​​still good in everything with regard to color reproduction, viewing angles and image clarity. Naturally, there is no recognition of the force of pressure, like all current iPhone. But there is support for True Tone technology, which adapts the color rendition of the image to ambient lighting. A trifle, but nice.
  • The inheritance of the G8 transferred to the iPhone SE the most important drawback for today – huge frames, indents from above and below. Someone will say that this is a “classic.” But still, the majority will be right: today the design, in which the screen occupies only two-thirds of the surface, is perceived as outdated.
  • Face ID, of course not. Instead, logically, the fingerprint sensor under the display returned. The button is not physical, but with tactile feedback thanks to the motor.
  • You will not believe it, but the battery is almost no different from what it was in the iPhone 8. They say it’s true that the batteries are not interchangeable, but according to the characteristics we get the same 1820 mAh and battery life lasting a day with active use. Previously, it could be said that this is a good result, but today there are enough smartphones that calmly survive on one charge for two days.
  • By the way, about charging – it supports fast, thanks to which the phone will recharge the charge in a little more than an hour. To do this, however, you will have to buy an adapter with an output of 18 watts. The kit, alas, comes with 5 W charging, from which the iPhone SE charges twice as long. Implemented and conventional wireless charging.
  • And here are the key differences from the G8. First of all, we are talking about the A13 Bionic processor, the most powerful “apple” chip. With its not the most modern design, iPhone SE is one of the most powerful modern smartphones. He easily competes with the most expensive Android flagships and puts many of them on the shoulder blades. True, in the tests the phone is slightly behind the older brother in the face of the iPhone 11 Pro – apparently, this was done to comply with subordination. However, outside the tests, this slight lag has no effect: SE is an ultra-fast smartphone.
  • The amount of RAM has grown from 2 to 3 GB. This combination of RAM and processor gives a wonderful experience with the phone. iPhone SE is a true modern iPhone without any discounts on budget and all that. Fast, smooth, real flagship. My games from Apple Arcade on the new phone were registered with a bang. The only thing in some projects (for example, in No Way Home) you still want a bigger screen, at least as in the iPhone 11 Pro.
  • iPhone SE supports eSIM, which A1 subscribers can already appreciate. There is also support for Wi-Fi 6, which so far almost no one can evaluate. Well, support for gigabit LTE in our area can only be called a bonus for a very distant future.

How to remove iPhone SE

iPhone SE boasts one main camera, as in the good old days. I was pleased to return to the single-chamber smartphone. This approach looks more honest than the current race for the number of photosensors. It’s enough to admit to yourself that no matter how many cameras are on your phone, you almost always use one sensor.

Alas, the iPhone 8 was not at hand. But iPhone SE is a modern smartphone with a flagship chip. Therefore, we compare the quality of the new camera with the iPhone 11 Pro, as well as the year-old iPhone XR , which has long been considered the most profitable iPhone in terms of price / performance ratio.

The iPhone SE camera features are: 12 megapixels, 6 lenses, f / 1.8 aperture, optical stabilization. The guys who managed to disassemble the device for cogs say that the sensor is the same as in iPhone 8. However, it was pumped using a smart processor and modified software with support for Smart HDR.

iPhone SE (2020) vs iPhone 8 Camera Test: Better or Worse?

Under daytime conditions, the situation is as follows. Photos taken on three smartphones are almost indistinguishable. Whether you shoot on iPhone SE or iPhone XR, it makes no difference, because you get a photo of the level of the iPhone 11 Pro – one of the best camera phones.

When cropping, it is noticeable that SE in terms of image quality is nevertheless closer to 11 Pro than to XR. The latter image is still less detailed.

iPhone SE vs iPhone 11 vs iPhone XR Camera Comparison!

In night shots, it becomes more apparent that there is still a difference between the iPhone SE and 11 Pro. That’s because SE has no night mode. Not to say that the pictures are very bad, but with 11 Pro they are obviously juicier, they draw out more details and make less noise.

The iPhone as a whole for shooting videos is the best option. And the iPhone SE is no exception, although the 11 Pro models are slightly inferior. There is a difference in the approach to processing, especially if you pay attention to the sky. But at the price of SE, it’s hardly possible to find anything better for video shooting, and even in 4K resolution and with 60 fps.

Who will buy iPhone SE

Definitely those who like compact and at the same time modern smartphones. There is no other choice but the iPhone SE.

Everyone who stayed on old iPhones starting with the G8 and on older models. Especially if you do not want to overpay much and / or want to stay with a compact phone. For lovers of classic design, this is generally a real gift.

Haters who hated the iPhone just because they had long and secretly dreamed about him, but could not afford. Now, nothing prevents us from surrendering to secret passions and releasing our internal demons. An entry ticket to the Apple ecosystem has never been so affordable and uncompromising.

Another thing is if the lowest possible price and classic appearance are not the main factors when choosing an iPhone. In this case, SE has a serious internal competitor in the form of XR. Yes, it is a little more expensive and the processor is not as productive, but it has a large display and record high autonomy. In general, there is reason to think.



iPhone SE definitely sent the “eight” to the past. With almost the same price even with us, there is no sense in the iPhone 8 at all today. At the same time, the novelty is much more powerful than the “colleague”, it removes better and received several functions for the present (eSIM) and the future (Wi-Fi 6).

We have before us the most affordable ticket to the “apple” ecosystem, which will also be updated and receive current software versions for another hundred years. For the same money, you can buy a decent modern Android-device with a huge display and 18 cameras. But it will be slower, without eSIM, with rare hard-won updates and an incomparably lower video quality. It remains to set priorities for yourself.

It is difficult to definitely recommend iPhone SE for purchase, taking into account Pakistani prices. It’s one thing – $ 400 (albeit about $ 430 with taxes) for a model with 64 GB of memory in the USA, the other is almost $ 580 with us. Subjectively, in this situation, taking into account the cost, I would have looked at the iPhone XR. However, the choice will still be difficult.



8.5 Total Score
Author rating

We did not have enough current design in iPhone SE. On the other hand, with a screen on the entire front panel, he would come close to the iPhone 11/11 Pro. So take it as a fee to be called the budget "iPhone." Also among the compromises is one camera, but worthy. Still there would be a night mode, and there would be an unconditional top.

  • Performance
  • Camera
  • Compactness
  • Small screen
  • No night mode
  • Price in Pakistan
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