The mysterious Chinese virus is transmitted from person to person. The number of victims is growing.

A fourth person died over the past day from an outbreak in Wuhan in central China. And local authorities confirmed a disappointing assumption: the virus is transmitted from person to person, which significantly increases its virulence.

The last victim of a new strain of coronavirus that causes a type of pneumonia is an 89-year-old man. He lived in Wuhan. 218 cases were found in this city, as well as in Beijing and Shanghai. Several cases have been reported in South Korea, Thailand, and Japan. All these people are travelers.

Experts fear that the high tourist season in China, caused by the imminent onset of the local New Year, will provoke the spread of the virus throughout the country and beyond. All flights from Wuhan are subject to additional screening. Such measures are introduced at major American, Australian and many Asian airports.

The National Health Commission of China said that two cases of infection in Guangdong were caused by human-to-human transmission. Wuhan doctors, in turn, confirmed that there are 15 doctors among those infected. One of them is in critical condition.

It is supplemented. A meeting of the WHO Extraordinary Committee was scheduled for January 22

The World Health Organization will hold an emergency committee meeting on January 22. They are going to find out if the outbreak is a public health emergency of international concern. And also develop recommendations for its elimination.

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