The network has the first gameplay of the royal battle of Call of Duty: Warzone

The release is expected tomorrow.

The author of the video removed it from his channel shortly after publication.

Youtuber under the nickname Chaos , probably earlier the embargo published the first gameplay of the game and shared some details (the video has already been removed from the channel).

He confirmed that the royal battle will be in the form of a separate shareware game with support for cross-platform multiplayer.

According to Chaos, 150 people in groups of three will fight on the map. He also confirmed that the game will have custom sets of weapons that can be configured independently – but you can only get them if you collect the necessary amount of in-game money and get to a special station. There you can revive your partners – also for money.

Yutuber also confirmed the new mechanics of rebirth: in addition to redemption, you can return to the match if you win a special battle. After death, players enter the Gulag card, where they fight face to face in a small arena. At the same time, if your partner also died, he can monitor the progress of the match and give you instructions, as well as throw stones at the enemy – this stuns him.

The map of the royal battle is partially compiled from the locations of Modern Warfare. However, Chaos clarified that there are also maps from the previous parts – like Broadcast, Overgrown and Scrapyard.

The game also has armor, but it differs from what it was in Black Ops 4: now you do not need to look for armor sets of different levels – just collect five armor plates to get protection.

Some users also have a Twitch game banner.

Chaos mentioned that a new mode called Plunder will appear in Modern Warfare, but information about it will only be available tomorrow, March 10th.

At the same time, Infinity Ward itself did not announce the royal battle of Modern Warfare – all information about it is known only from plums.
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