The new Familiar app inserts your face in any GIF

Familiar app has appeared on the App Store , which inserts your face into any gif.

For his work registration will be required. The user agreement states that data about our faces is not collected and is not transmitted to anyone .

The process of replacing the face occurs using DeepFake and artificial intelligence.

DeepFake is an image synthesis technique used to connect and overlay existing images on source images.

How to add your face to the gif

1. Click the Add Face button at the top of the screen
2. Select your photo that shows your face clearly
3. Find the gif you want to use
4. Click on the gif and then click on Create

The application is free, it has ads and a watermark on received gifs.

Familiar has a subscription for 229 rubles. per month. It removes ads, watermark, and also speeds up the process of creating gifs.

Download Familiar on the App Store. [ GizChina ]

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