The owner of a pub in England installed an electric fence at the bar. So he decided to deal with violators of social distance

The fence is usually turned off, but the owner warns customers that in which case it can be “turned on.”

photo BPM Media

The owner of the English Star Inn pub in Cornwall has installed an electric fence in the institution to scare violators of social distance. At the bar, he hung a sign with a polite inscription: “Caution, electric fence” (“Warning. Electric fence”).

The owner of the institution, Johnny McFadden, explains that he took such extreme measures for the sake of employees. According to him, visitors ignored the requests of staff to maintain a social distance. “This is for the good of all,” the owner added. He claims that the menacing inscription worked, and people began to listen to the requests of the leadership.

McFadden emphasized that the fence is usually turned off, as it was installed only to intimidate customers, and not to shock them. The owner said that this is not necessary, since the threat of “it can be turned on” always works. However, two visitors had already complained that they had been shocked by the fence while drinking at the bar on Saturday night.

The Star Inn Pub is owned by the St Austell Brewery, founded in 1851 by Walter Hicks in St. Austell in Cornwall. The brewery’s website states that all guests are “guaranteed a friendly welcome”, but the company apparently decided not to mention the fence.
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