The power of the Bitcoin mining network began to grow

The average bitcoin hash in the last seven days has shown growth to the level of exams per second 117.5, which is 5.4% higher than the figures held since the end of January. The difficulty of mining the popular cryptocurrency against this background will increase. The increase in capacity is associated with the fact that Chinese manufacturers of miners are gradually emerging from the “hibernation” provoked by the coronavirus in the country.

The companies began to resume equipment shipment in mid-February, and new mining farms are being launched. The most serious competition unfolded between MicroBT and Bitmain, they are on the heels of the company Canaan Creative, which announced a new model of the miner.

According to experts, in the next couple of months, the bitcoin hash may reach 130 exams per second.

The Bitcoin exchange rate currently stands at about $ 8.7 thousand per unit.

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