The reporter forgot to turn off the filters on Facebook. He went on air for transformer, wizard and raccoon

Where the operator looked was unknown.

Justin Hinton, a North Carolina television reporter, forgot to turn off the AR filters on Facebook before starting a live broadcast of the first snowfall in Asheville. It is reported by The New York Post.

On February 20, Hinton, winner of an Emmy Award for Best Live Reporting, talked about the first real snowfall in a broadcast. Heavy snowfalls are rare in this area, so the reporter warned drivers about slippery roads that should be avoided. But even before the live broadcast, the correspondent accidentally clicked on the button with “Mysterious Masks”.

For a seven-minute report, Hinton changed several masks, including the champion, transformer, raccoon, wizard, detective, as well as a filter with big eyes.

The reporter found out that something went wrong only when he left the frame and noticed comments on Facebook. He asked a colleague: “Wait, Misty, did I have a strange face? Oh, these are weird effects on the phone. ” By the time of writing, the video had more than 160 thousand views.

Hinton wrote on his facebook: “If you can’t laugh at yourself, then what is the point? I hope you enjoyed the show! Remember to smile and laugh. “

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